Don’t Attempt Overhead Door Spring Replacement Yourself Until You Read This

While people often overlook the value of their garage door, there are quite some very valuable items that we store there. Just the cars, bicycles, tools, and food in the freezer are enough, but many times we use the garage to store lots of other precious things. Even then, people neglect taking care of the large overhead door protecting their garage until it nearly falls off the hinges. There are a lot of routine maintenance tasks that the homeowner can do and some parts that can be replaced as well, but some garage door service and repairs are better off left to the professionals, let’s take a look.

If Your Door Is Covered With Panels, You Should Lube Them

There are several different styles of doors, some are made of lots of small panels with hinges between them, while others are one huge panel that lifts up all at once. Either way, there are lots of things on a garage door that should be cared for and lubricated regularly. Start with all of the hinges you can find, put a couple of drops of regular lube oil on each one and then wipe off the excess with a shop rag.

overhead door servicesMove on to the rollers, their bearings, the tracks, and the chain. There are plenty of movable parts in the mechanics of the door, anywhere that has bearings, like the rollers, should be lubed, possibly with a spray-on lubricator. The tracks where metal meets metal should also have a light coating of oil on them, then take the time to wipe off the excess also. If there is a cable on pulleys or a chain with sprockets, lube that too and then wipe it clean.

Now take either a screwdriver or wrench and test all of the fasteners on the door to ensure that none of them have loosened up. This will take awhile depending on how many there are. The multi-panel doors will have hundreds of screws holding their hinges so be ready for that.

Overhead Door Spring Replacement

It is possible for an avid do-it-yourselfer to replace the torsion springs that assist when opening and closing the garage door. The typical door probably weighs between 200 and 400 lbs. And these springs wind up and wind down to assist us in the opening and closing the door with ease. The problem arises when the metal, called spring steel, gets fatigued and eventually cracks or breaks from all of the use. Then the spring can quickly burst into several pieces causing damage.


Be careful, since the US Government website says up to 30,000 people are injured by their garage doors each year, mostly because of these springs. You should always replace both springs at the same time since they are of the same age and have been used the same, the second one will soon break just like the first one did. You should call a local garage door service company if you have any qualms about doing this dangerous work yourself. Take the pressure off the springs by opening the door and carefully remove the old spring and place in the new one. Each door is going to be different so follow the instructions that come with the springs for best results.

If you have any doubts at all about being able to do this, by all means, seek professional help from an overhead door contractor. There are special tools that only repairmen have that can hold the springs safely until they’re in place and then release them. You can also watch some Youtube videos to help you see exactly how it’s done safely as well.